I sincerely appreciate that you are considering me as your personal companion! Below you will find the consideration I kindly ask for my time, company, and presentation. The following donations are non-negotiable, and are not open for discussion.

I do enthusiastically welcome couples with an additional 200 roses!

For those who have a vivacious appetite for the finest company, I invite you to visit my "Black and White Seduction" gallery that was newly added. My sexiest friend and I have an explosive chemistry! Your nymphs love to travel all around the world and would love to ignite your passion and satiate your wildest fantasies!

Please keep in mind... 

The following requirements are for both our benefit. If we are meeting in private, the donation must be placed in a discreet unsealed envelope in plain sight. If we are meeting in public, please place the envelope in a gift bag, greeting card, book- or something else that is not terribly obvious- and present it to me without any verbal reference to the donation.

-If you are visiting my residence (only available when I am traveling), please place the envelope in plain view without referring to it and then excuse yourself to use the restroom.

I may also ask to check your identification when we first meet, and your name must match what I have on file.

1 hour
600 OC / 650 LA
90 minutes
2 hours
3 hours
6 hours
Overnight/12 hours
Sunrise and Sunset/24 hours
A Weekend Together